Program Name: Professional Options Trader


Options provide a multi-directional approach to trading the market using direction, time, and volatility to trade for daily, weekly, and long-term investment objectives. Market Timing is the ability to identify key market turning points and strong market moves in advance. The OTA Professional Options Trader Course incorporates a step-by-step trading/investment rule-based approach that combines market timing techniques with key Options tools and strategies delivered using live market strategy sessions with key interactive lab exercises. Tuition: $5,500

Potential Benefits

  • Flexibility for Traders/Investors to apply strategies for both longer and shorter-term moves in the underlying markets
  • Buying the option and not the stock itself, Options offer the Trader/Investor the ability to leverage reward while minimizing risk
  • Options are also multi-dimensional allowing a trader/investor to not only take advantage of moves in the underlying asset, but with time decay, and changes in volatility offer traders the opportunity to invest when market prices are going up, down or sideways.
  • Options trading is not time intensive
  • Options can offer investment portfolio protection
  • Options provides the capability to capitalize on bearish moves within an IRA account

Course Objective

To clearly understand, analyze, and properly execute option strategies while incorporating a step-by-step trading/investment rule-based strategy based upon OTA’s proprietary Core Strategy.

Deliver and Duration

  • On Location in a traditional instructor-led, in-person classroom (5 days: 30 hours)
  • Online in a live virtual classroom that is also recorded (10 sessions, 30 hours)
  • On-Demand video-based lessons (8 hours)
  • All delivery modes combine lessons with interactive scenarios, labs, and exercises with access to live financial markets


This course is designed for:

  • Students who desire to learn how to trade and invest Options
  • Students with diverse investment objectives both short-term and long-term
  • Students looking to protect their investment accounts
  • Students lacking flexibility in their Retirement accounts
  • Students who work full time and cannot trade daily


Core Strategy, Online Student Orientation, Option pre-essential videos are recommended pre-requisites for this course. No trading experience is required.

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1

  • Explore the question, “Why We Trade Options?”
  • Options Foundations – Understanding Options terminology and step-by-step methodology for identifying potential Options trades
  • Core Strategy Review – Supply and Demand is the foundation of all asset trades
  • The Greeks – Using options Greeks to construct a position for a variety of market conditions
  • Options Trade Blueprint – The 8-Step Process for every Options trade
  • Options as a Stock Substitute – A strategy to provide leverage as a substitute for stock

Day 2

  • Volatility – Using volatility analysis to determine Options Strategy for market conditions
  • Options Indicator – Measuring stock price expectations
  • The Greeks in depth – A closer look at the Options Greeks
  • Directional Debit Single-Leg Applications – Build and time single-leg debit Options trades
  • Options Trade Blueprint (Revisited)
  • Sizing Option Positions – Sizing options position based upon one’s own risk trading rules
  • Bracket Orders – Using bracket orders to properly enter and exit Options trades

Day 3

  • Multi-Leg Strategies (Spreads) – Utilizing Multi-leg Options Strategies for protection
  • Bear Put Spread – Strategy for a bearish market with low volatility
  • Analysis Techniques – Analysis Techniques for Options traders

Day 4

  • Directional Bear Call Spread – Selling a vertical multi-leg Option when the market is bearish
  • Directional Bull Put Spread – Selling a vertical multi-leg Option when the market is bullish
  • Non-Directional Bearish/Bullish Credit Spreads – Selling vertical multi-leg Options when the market is both bullish and bearish (sideways)
  • Non-Directional Bear Call Spread – Selling a vertical multi-leg Option in bearish market
  • Non-Directional Bullish Credit Spreads – Selling a vertical multi-leg Option in bullish market

Day 5

  • Options Trading Levels – Industry classifications based on account size and trading experience
  • Put it all together – Setting up Options positions using the 8-step Options Blueprint



XLT Options is a program that builds on the trading fundamentals taught in the Professional Options Trader course.  In the options XLT students are taught to implement, analyze, manage, and evolve various options strategies by observing an Options Instructor with practical experience in the markets operate in a live market using our step-by-step approach to identifying and assessing trading opportunities. Tuition: $13,750

Deliver and Duration

Online in live virtual classroom that is recorded (2-3 sessions weekly, 4-6 hours weekly)


The XLT sessions are designed for students who are serious about learning how to trade and invest Options.


Before attending the XLT sessions, students must have completed the Professional Options Trader, as well as possess a firm understanding of the functionality of Puts and Calls. A general understanding of technical analysis gained in Core Strategy is required.

Detailed Course Outline

  • Market Overview – National News, Economic Calendar, Stocks in the News
  • Scanning for Trade Opportunities – Horizontal Supply and Demand, Regression Trades
  • Position Construction – Entry Points, Exit Points, Target Placement, Volatility Assessment, Time Decay management
  • Position Maintenance – Preparing for Expiration and the New Cycle, Position Selection, Events Positioning, Position Evolution, Rolling/Closing, Risk Maintenance
  • Continued Education – Option Theory - Directional and Non-directional Trading, Trade Setup and Review
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