Mary Beth Motisi: A Franchise Rockstar!

Mary Beth Motisi has always been a Rockstar! From the day she took on more responsibilities than most 14 year old’s helping to take care of her dad after a massive stroke, to moving out on her own upon High School graduation, rising up the corporate ladder at McDonalds, becoming a student and then owner at Online Trading Academy, and being the recipient of the Franchise Rockstar Award by Franchise Business Review less than two years after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Mary Beth is one of a kind: resilient, inspiring and highly successful.

The Franchise Business Review analyzes their research from over 27,000 franchisee surveys, across more than 300 leading franchise brands, to identify the best of the best in franchising today.

“There are some many fantastic success stories out there; it was painful to narrow our list down to just 50 Rockstar Franchisees,” said Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise Business Review. “There were hundreds of deserving business owners. In the end, we picked 50 that really stood out. Franchisees that not only excel in their businesses but provide strong leadership within their franchise organizations and their local communities.”

Houston is one of these Franchises.

“I am just shocked and thrilled. Oh, my gosh. I didn't expect that,” says Mary Beth in response to the award. But Mary Beth didn’t expect much of what has happened in her life, yet she comes out a Rockstar every time.        

“I wanted to go to college and be a doctor like my brother, but it just wasn't in the cards for me.”

After her dad’s stroke, her mom didn’t have the physical strength to help her father, who was not only completely paralyzed on one side but lost his speech entirely. When her parents sold their house for a single-story condominium where they didn’t have to worry about lawn care, and all that comes with taking care of a home, Mary Beth moved out. She knew she was going to have to take care of herself.

“There was no room for me,” says Mary Beth. “So, I got a job, and me and my Irish Setter moved into an apartment, just the two of us.”

At the age of 20, Mary Beth got a job at McDonalds as a Manager Trainee. Over the next 23 years, she worked her way up in the different mid management operations positions.

“I worked really, really, really hard,” says Mary Beth. “Looking back now, it was the most valuable education I could have ever received. College could have not compared to the work experiences, and the specialized education McDonald’s provided.”

In 2000, Mary Beth got involved in the stock market. She didn’t have any official training and took a big loss. Realizing she had some lessons to learn about trading, she and her brother found Online Trading Academy. After much success as a student of OTA, the VP of Business Development, Ralph Loberger called her. He wanted to talk about an opportunity halfway across the country.

“We met for lunch, and the next thing I knew, I was moving to Texas from Wisconsin as the new owner of the Houston Franchise,” says Mary Beth.

Becoming a Franchisee for Online Trading Academy was not a difficult decision for Mary Beth. She had learned over the years that you can't sit there and ponder on things forever, “because if you ponder on things, you don't get anything done,” says Mary Beth. “That's how a lot of people miss opportunities,” she adds.

Plus, she had fallen in love with Online Trading Academy as a student. In fact, her experience as a student, and graduate was invaluable. It gave her the vision of how she wanted her franchise to operate.

Someone once asked Mary Beth, “What makes you successful?” Her reply: 

You need five things—good common sense, a strong work ethic, good people skills, high standards, and a good coach. You have to dig deep, learn and master the skills you need and have love and passion for what you do.”

You can see each and one of these attributes in not only everything Mary Beth does but in who she is. “My campus is a direct reflection of myself,” Mary Beth explains. “I love who we are, what we do, and how we do it.”

It is not surprising that Mary Beth has won Franchise Rockstar when you see what she has accomplished not only in her life but at the OTA Houston Center.

Chief Operating Officer, Gene Longobardi says, “Mary Beth embodies our brand, our culture, and our passionate purpose of democratizing financial freedom. We are dedicated to making the financial markets more inclusive by helping people learn how to trade and invest with more confidence, lower risk and better results. Mary Beth herself symbolizes success, from a loss-making novice, to a confident trader, to a franchise owner now helping thousands of other people explore the same path. We love having her as part of our family.”

“Our number one focus is our student,” says Mary Beth. “I have been a Franchisee for 9 years now. Every year I am amazed with the innovation put forth by this organization to build a world class education. I am proud of our brand. I am proud of our culture. I am proud of the community and fellowship we have among our staff, students and network. I not only received the opportunity to build an amazing business, I also gained a loving family.”

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