COVID-19 Update

Dec 10th, 2020

COVID-19 continues to grip the United States and the world - prompting all of us to take measures to protect our students, ourselves and make sure we are doing everything possible to aid in the effort to stop the spread of this pandemic. Your safety, as well as our team members, is our foremost priority.

There is tremendous uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets worldwide. People around the globe are understandably concerned about how best to navigate these complex dynamics. We are here to help. As such, we are continuing to offer (and increasingly focused on) online classes, XLT and digital education tools to ensure you have access to the full breadth of your education in an online format. Now more than ever, we’re committed to helping our students build the knowledge and skill they need in today’s volatile markets.

These online classes will ensure you’re able to continue your education, while also implementing best practices suggested by our leaders in government and various health organizations relative to social distancing and doing our part to mitigate the spread of this dangerous virus.

Please stay safe and hope to see you in an online class soon.


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